04/05/2011: The Secret To Health, Wealth & Happiness now available!

The debut release by VINYL DOG TOY, "The Secret To Health, 
Wealth & Happiness", is now up for sale at CD Baby, and should be 
available soon from other digital retailers too (such as 
iTunes, Bandcamp, Emusic, Napster, Nokia, Tradebit, Verizon, 
Deezer, MySpace Music, Amazon MP3, and Thumbplay)! If you 
like noise, you should totally check this one out!

In the meantime, MANNEQUIN DEPRESSIVES are heading back into 
the studio to begin recording their next album. This time 
around they claim to be "returning to their roots" of blended 
cold wave, synthpop and industrial, with a little less 
experimentation than their recent releases.



The debut release by VINYL DOG TOY is almost ready and should 
be available at various online retailers - including Amazon, 
iTunes and CD Baby - by early April. The original release date
was set for March 23, but due to circumstances beyond our 
control, we had to push it back a little bit.



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